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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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a health warning in the north bay the restaurant affected by a hepatitis "a" outbreak. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. there are five confirmed cases in napa in the last two weeks. anne makovec joins us from a hotel that's the site of two of
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them. >> reporter: two people who work inside this hotel the westin verasa napa have come down with hepatitis "a" and now health officials are warning guests they may have been exposed. the employees worked at two of the hotel eateries. >> i have eating there in the past and enjoyed the experience but i would probably think twice after this. >> reporter: anyone who ate or drank at the restaurants between february 9 and 26 may have contracted hepatitis "a" contagious livermore disease. symptoms could appear 50 days after exposure which makes it difficult to track. they are working with the state and cdc to find the source. >> we tend to think about things like commercially produced and distributed foods that are distributed widely and we have seen that in the past. >> reporter: the westin verasa
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napa said we took all appropriate precautions when we learned of the diagnoses. there have been no cases involving hotel guests or customers. the best advice thoroughly wash your hands. in napa, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the health department says the other three cases of hepatitis "a" in napa are in one family which had no contact with the two restaurant workers. we have all seen the private buses that bring workers to the silicon valley. so have the teamsters and they want a part of the action, apparently. union representatives rallied in san francisco this morning and got on some of those buses hoping to get more drivers interested in unionizing. >> this is really about raising all boats, as they say. and these drivers should have an adequate living and adequate pay and adequate benefits in order to survive here in a very expensive part of the country if not the world. >> the teamsters accused some of the shuttle operators of unfair practices involving issues such as pay and split
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shifts. firefighter got hurt fighting a fire in san francisco last night, expected to be okay. the fire started at a home on capital avenue and broad street in the ingleside district. nobody else was injured. folks in morgan hill are furious after someone stole a neighborhood flag. it was pried off the entrance sign into jackson meadows. a world war ii vet began putting up the flags years ago replacing it every few years. neighbors are determined to catch the thief. >> i kind of take it personal because it's an attack on all of us, you know? >> a flag will be back up soon after neighbors bought a replacement with stronger hardware. a 19-year-old in custody for the shooting death of an oakland mother caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. 30-year-old chyemil pierce died outside her home after rushing kids to safety after a nearby argument turned deadly.
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anthony sims was arrested. today jurors get the chance to question ellen pao in a gender discrimination trial. she is suing her former employer silicon valley venture capital firm kleiner perkins. pao says she was repeatedly harassed and then ostracized after she broke off an affair with a senior executive. but defense attorneys say she was unqualified and resentful employee who now has a flawed recollection of events. the fbi is searching a home in san jose right now for illegally products cds. the house is on whitton avenue. the recording industry of america is on scene helping gather evidence. no information on arrests. police in ferguson, missouri say they have questioned some people but made no arrests in the shooting of two police officers. craig boswell has the latest from ferguson. >> reporter: ferguson police are chasing down every lead as they search for the gunman who shot two officers during a demonstration in front of police headquarters. both officers are recovering at home. but the shooting wednesday night has raised tensions in
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the city once again. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> reporter: demonstrations are ongoing here since the deadly police shooting of michael brown last august. the police chief resigned this week after a justice department report but protestors say that's not enough. >> what we want is an overhaul of the system, the court system, the judicial system. "black lives matter" and in that -- all lives matter to me. >> reporter: a peaceful candlelight vigil was held thursday night. police watched without riot gear. >> trying to deescalate things. >> reporter: with demonstrators promising to return, authorities are moving barricades closer to the streets to put more distance between police and protestors. president obama talked about the shootingof the two officers with late night host jimmy kimmel. >> whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue. they are criminals and should be arrested.
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>> reporter: so far six officials in ferguson have resigned since the justice department found widespread racial bias. craig boswell cbs news ferguson, missouri. >> michael brown's family also released a statement condemning the police shootings. the influence from the terror group known as isis seems to be spreading now. the islamic militant group accepted a pledge of allegiance from the nigerian terror group boko haram. the fighters may have killed 10,000 people in africa last year. they also are blamed for last year's mass kidnapping that inspired the twitter hashtag bringing back our girls. security analysts say joining forces gives isis a big boost. >> they are in this struggle with al qaeda for leadership of the global jihadist movement and now they just got one of the most important groups in the world, one of the largest 10,000 fighters to sign up with them. >> experts say the new alliance with isis could give them more money and recruits to launch attacks. an american healthcare worker has arrived in bethesda maryland to be treated for
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ebola. the national institutes of health says the patient contracted ebola while volunteering in sierra leone. the patient, whose name, agent and gender have not been released, was transported to the u.s. in isolation on a chartered plane. a bay area lawmaker wants to give homeless students a better past to higher education. state senator mark leno introduced new legislation in san francisco today. the bill would prohibit the department of education and testing companies from charging exam fees to students who are homeless. final day of trading this week. let's take a look at the big board see how we fared. oh, my. not good. final day is in the dumps right now down over 200 points at this hour. next time you take an uber from the airport, you may be tracked. sfo has created a system that tracks vehicles that work for rideshare companies. data can be userd for fee calculations, roadway planning and facility improvement efforts. other airports around the country could be use the same system soon. google maps has made it to
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the highest mountain in the world. check out these images from mount everest. google teamed up with a nepalese mountaineer to bring the rest of the world a digital view of the region. technology takes viewers to each village and lets you explore the area. are you superstitious? well, today is friday the 13th. and to commemorate the day, the winchester mystery house will ring the bells 13 times and roberta gonzales will be making an persons ringing that bell. it's still a little early but san francisco botanical gardens are showing an unusual plant. it sends up massive towers of flowers with protruding spikes. >> it's a wonderful plant and it's got a shape on it with all these little stems sticking out
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for birds to perch on it. it's full of nectar. >> curators say if you want to check out the blue pooh yeah plant hurry. the bloom lasts about another week or two. up next, massive cyber attacks are a top security concern. how google's princess is stopping hackers in their tracks. >> keeping your four-legged family members healthy, the most important vaccines for cats and dogs. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we do have increasing clouds across the bay area. this is the view from oakland looking out towards san francisco. the weeken
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our pets needs vaccines to be healthy and our veterinarian jill chase is here with the best practices for vaccinating your pet. well, welcome. happy friday. >> thank you, you, too. >> i just got a dog and i want to get it vaccinated where do i start? >> today i thought we would talk about the vaccinations for dogs and cats. distemper parvo for dogs that one protects against distemper which is an airborne virus. we are seeing it again so it's important when you get a puppy not to take them everywhere. parvo virus is one that sheds through the feces of dogs and even if the fecal matter has been picked up the virus can live for a develop long time and that is where they step on it and lick their paws or eat poop. rabies is very important. we usually don't vaccinate for that until after 4 months. they need to be bitten by an animal with rabies to get that particular virus.
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and then i wanted to mention board tell la which is one of the kennel cough bacteria we can protect against and then the distemper parvo there's parainfluenza. >> a lotful people don't understand that covers a lot of different things? >> it does. coronavirus we have many coronaviruses out there but we can vaccinate for one. with cats we have what now as the feline distemper vaccine that protects against upper respiratory viruses and bone marrow suppression virus. feline leukemia vaccine and rabies. >> the cats get three. >> they can get three. it's a longer conversation but absolutely can get three. >> what if you have an indoor cat? >> there are different philosophies about that i like to vaccinate even the indoor cats. we have discovered that some cats actually carry the virus in their bone marrow and if you vaccinate for feline leukemia, if the virus leaves the bone
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marrow the antibodies are there waiting to prevent the animal from getting the disease. >> next week let's talk about when to do it and how often. >> great. >> thank you. we want to hear -- invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. roberta gonzales has your weather now. roberta? >> reporter: hi, everybody! today we have been noticing increasing clouds across the north bay all those clouds will continue to thicken across the bay area today. it's all associated with subtropical moisture. here's what we need to know for the rest of the afternoon. and looking ahead towards the weekend. first off, increasing clouds throughout the day and into the evening hours. tomorrow for your saturday, clouds and sun mixed and then we'll have some sprinkles across the far north bay on sunday. this right here that we're looking at is subtropical moisture. it fetches back all the way into the hawaiian islands. let me move out of the way to get a good view of it.
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see that right there? and then this area of low pressure is what will sideswipe the north bay on sunday turning us mostly cloudy. and also those sprinkles are possible. so we can anticipate clouds today through sunday. and, in fact, even on monday some partly sunny skies. here's your futurecast. so you can pretty much anticipate when the clouds will filter in. when we will have some sunny breaks and then look very carefully, see those green blobs there? the bulk of the precipitation way north of lake county. but some of that precipitation could sideswipe as you saw it right there the far reaches of the north bay. so we'll count on that for your sunday but backing up to today 71 to 83 degrees across the central portion of the state of california. around monterey bay into pebble beach and caramel in the 70s. 64 degrees in the high sierra when the average high is 44 degrees. but it's cold enough to make snow overnight. heavenly valley also we're talking about northstar. 13 lifts are available and don't forget your sunblock or your sunglasses at sugar bowl.
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today our high temperatures topping off in the 60s and 70s. a few low 80s towards gilroy. make it a great weekend. the south pacific island nation of vanuatu is telling its people to take shelter as a major storm approaches. >> cyclone pam is expected to graze the islands late today with winds of 115 miles an hour. it's already damaged other islands including kerr patty and the solomon islands. massive cyberattacks victimizes many people. >> reporter: at any other company this person might be called security manager. but at google her title is security princess. and as princess, she presides over a team of 30 hackers. although her team works for google, they spend their days trying to break into google's
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software. >> i try to find bugs in google's products and then remove those so that people who are criminals can't take advantage of them and harm users. >> reporter: the goal is to beat a growing number of criminal hackers at their own game. even at some of the world's biggest companies, it takes just a single person and one wrong click for hackers to break in. >> for better or worse, humans are the weak link in security. >> reporter: she is also doing another kind of hacking. >> majority of the people working in information security are guys but, um, i'm hoping to change that. >> reporter: in silicon valley, women make up 11% of the executives. and 23% of the entire tech workforce. >> what could we do to keep that message -- >> reporter: when she addressed a conference of young hackers last year, part of her goal was to urge the girls there to stick with it. >> well, a new necklace may be the key to keeping people on track with their diets a high- tech device is worn around the neck doesn't allow wiggle room
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when it comes to cheating. it can track what user eat, how quickly and even give suggestions when you skip a meal. it's linked to an app that will alert users if they eat too much. it could be available later this year. not very attractive. >> if it works, i guess. in los angeles, to raise money, president obama made time for a little humor on late night tv last with jimmy kimer kimmel. >> how come you're higher than me? >> it seems particularly ridiculous. >> he joked that the tweets compared to what the senate says about him every day. >> careers that are worth a second look, coming up. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, give our hotline a call at 888-
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5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back.
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tony and stephanie tantillo have a pasta and broccoli
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recipe for lunch. >> let's make a simple pasta. >> this is going back to our roots of course sicilian pasta because we're adding in raisins and nuts which you see all over the place in sicily. it adds a nice earthy and sweet balance. >> angel hair pasta cooks up like that. >> don't cook the angel hair pasta all the way, maybe less than 50%. it gets al dente quickly and will keep cooking in the pan. >> the sweetness of the raisins and red peppers and generous with it. and i'm going to top it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. >> give this one last twist. >> what do you think? >> beautiful sizzle when you put that oil in. >> look at all those flavors going on, steph. >> love it! pasta time! >> thank you, bella. >> only took 45 seconds to cook. coming up at 5:00 police raid a rap music video shoot. nearly 20 people handcuffed and searched. the video that has some wondering if officers went too far. we'll be right back, folks, stay right there.
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time for today's jobs report. jill schlesinger has a look at some under rated career options. reporter: some jobs may be underrated and unglamorous but they still may be worth considering. remember the movie the graduate when dustin hoffman's character reacts to the idea of a career in plastics? well, before you reject any positions, consider this. "careercast" assembled a number of underrated professions that
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may be worth a second look. first there's exercise physiologist. this field includes professionals involved with illness and injury prevention, rehabilitation, personal trainers and recreational therapists. they sport an average annual salary of nearly $42,700. then there's market research analyst. they design surveys and break down statistical data to help companies track consumer spending and find the best way to sell products and services. the demand for market research analyst should grow by 32% over the next 8 years which means their average annual salary $85,460 here in the bay area will go up, too. a career in either of these unsung positions certainly seems a lot more interesting than plastics. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. a baby gorilla celebrated her first birthday at the san
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diego zoo this week. joanne had a nerve-wracking birth last year and doctors had a perform a rare emergency c- section on her mother. she had a collapsed lung but look at her now. she spent her birthday playing with her new cardboard dollhouse and eating pureed yam cake with her mother. >> i think i'm going to have a little yam cake this weekend, too. sounds good. >> little joanne likes it. >> sure does. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon.
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>> maya: i don't know what you're talking about. but i do have a photo shoot to get ready for. that's why i stopped by -- to plan a romantic dinner for two... key word, "two." rick and i have a lot to celebrate. and when i get home from work, i expect you to be gone. >> nicole: i guess mom and dad were right. >> maya: excuse me? >> nicole: they don't talk about you a lot, but when they do, it isn't fondly. and instinct always told me that they were wrong, that i should defend you, but if this is how you treat people -- >> maya: rick's divorce just came through. what is so offensive about me wanting to celebrate alone with him tonight?


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